Termites are a fact of life in North Carolina. You may have heard the saying:There are two types of houses: those that have termites, and those that will. Some might even argue that there should be a third type: those that will get termites again.

Subterranean Termitestermite

Subterranean termites live underground, so control efforts deal with treatments to the soil under and around buildings. Traditional treatments use chemicals mixed with water that are applied to the soil to kill or repel termites around the structure. Newer methods attack the termite population around a building by feeding bait to worker termites who then share it with the rest of the colony. As the workers consume more bait and spread it among the colony, they die, and hopefully the queen dies too. In this way, your structures are protected by killing the colony rather than by the wholesale applications of chemicals around your buildings.
Traditional liquid treatments usually eliminate termites from inside structures much more quickly, which stops the termites from causing additional damage. Although baiting systems take longer to control termites in any one area of a structure, the end result is just the same as that of liquid treatments–with much less active ingredient being applied around your home.
Blue Ridge Termite uses both methods to control subterranean termites. In some cases, we’re able to spot treat specific areas to immediately stop termites from feeding on your house, and then by using a baiting system, attack the colony outside to provide long term protection for your home.
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