RoachesHere in western North Carolina, there are two main roaches; German roaches, and everything else.

German roaches are the primary household roach by  a wide margin. They are a particularly troublesome pest to control for two reasons:

  1. The breed like the dickens.
  2. They are fairly resistant to many common pesticides.

Blue Ridge Termite tackles your German roach problem by using the top-of-the-line roach baits in combination with IGR’s. IGR stands for Insect Growth Regulator: a synthetic hormone that breaks the breeding cycle. So, the bait(s) tackle the roaches crawling around while the IGR makes it impossible for any missed roaches the make a comeback. For German roaches we automatically schedule a two week follow up to make sure everything is working properly, and include up to one more follow up if needed – all included for one price.

Almost all other roach problems are associated with outside sources and can be controlled with a one-time combination outside/inside treatment or spray.

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