flea life cycleIf you have pets you need to keep them on a vet recommended flea treatment or you will get fleas.

If the previous warning came to too late for you, then you need a flea treatment. That’s because by the time you start to see fleas jumping on you, the overall population is over ten times the number you actually see. And, to make matters worse the final stage of flea development, the pupa, is impervious to just about any pesticide while it’s in its cocoon.

Rest assured, Blue Ridge Termite can apply the proper treatment that will kill off the adult fleas that bite you and also stop their breeding cycle using IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) technology.

Tho find what is entailed in a flea treatment read our treatment checklist.

And then, don’t forget to call or contact us to set up a time to get rid of your fleas.