Pest Control

Total Protection Pest Control Services

Our philosophy on pest control is this: If the bugs can’t get in, then they won’t bother you. That’s why we do most of our work outside your home. Nine times out of ten, the actual infestation or main cause of the pest problem in your home can be traced to outdoors. By concentrating our efforts outside your home we dramatically decrease the need to add pesticides inside during our visits. In fact, many of our customers haven’t had a pesticide applied inside their homes in more than two years!

Some problems will require that we treat inside. But rest assured, we only do just as much as we must to address your current problem and to prevent the problem from continuing or re-occurring. And, any materials we use inside your home will be applied in a manner that minimizes exposure (if any) to people or pets.

Regular Pest Control Plans

When Blue Ridge Termite handles your pest control, our first step is to take care of any problems we find inside during our initial inspection. Then, we apply measures to make sure nothing additional happens inside your home. Your initial inside treatment is usually all that you’ll need for the first year. But if you do need additional follow-ups, we’ll let you know so we can make arrangements with you to get inside. While we’re there, we’ll also service the exterior perimeter of your home to keep invading pests out. We’ll re-apply the complete exterior treatment every 3 months to combat the effects of weather on the barrier.

We call this a “1-in/4-out” (per year) treatment.

If in your situation, you’re less or more likely to get pests, we’ll tailor a treatment schedule just right for you. Most of our pest control customers only need a quarterly visit. Rarely do we need to schedule service more frequently than once per quarter.

What about 6-month or once a year service?

Many companies offer (or exclusively push) once a year or 6-month services. While a few of our accounts are on a 6-month or annual basis, our experience is that more often than not a you’ll be better served on a quarterly treatment plan and will be assured of better overall protection. This means you won’t have to call us to report any problems, or at least not very often. And by the same token, we won’t have to waste time between visits to take care of problems that are sure to arise because the barrier outside has broken down.

A six month or annual interval of service might appear to be more convenient, but the strain of our climate on the exterior treatment zone will almost completely degrade it after about 3 months. By the time your 6 month service arrives, the barrier will have been completely gone for 3 months, leaving your home wide open to invading pests during that time. This is why we believe it is crucial to re-apply the barrier every quarter.

Also, by keeping your inside treatment to once a year, you won’t have to be bothered or inconvenienced by any of our other visits during the year. You get the convenience of a once a year plan, with added protection of three extra external booster treatments.

This means you get level pest protection the whole year through.

To take advantage of the convenience and effectiveness of our 1-in/4-out pest protection plan, call us or email us today to arrange for a free pest inspection.

One Time Pest Control Services

Some people just want pests treated as they pop up. Other pests only need to be treated when they become a problem, like fleas, ticks, spiders, carpenter bees and rodents, among others.

Give us a call or email to arrange for your free, no obligation pest inspection and quote for service.